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In May of 2001, Thomas Wengerd started the business known as T.W. Farm Market located along Route 54 in Watsontown, Pennsylvania. Initially the business started selling fresh produce and baked goods and as time went on the business began to grow and expand its line of merchandise for sale. After several years of success and a higher level of customer demand, the business decided to relocate to allow for growth. The property formerly known as the “Clinton House” located at the intersection of Route 54 and Route 15 Montgomery, Pennsylvania, was the spot that was chosen for the new site. The new site would be over 34,000 square feet in size and the name of the new business would change to Surplus Outlet. On Friday 9, 2005; the new location known as “Surplus Outlet” opened its doors to a welcoming crowd. In August of 2006, Justin Michaels joined Surplus Outlet as the company’s Vice-President. Immediately, plans began to expand the company’s operations. On November 1, 2007, Surplus Outlet opened a warehouse in Northumberland, Pennsylvania to help with the expansion process. Then, the next step was to find a site for the second store location. The site that was chosen for the second store was located along Route 11, Northumberland, Pennsylvania. On January 18, 2008, the second store opened its doors.  After then a few years of planning, on Tuesday, June 26, 2012, the third store opened its doors located along Route 11, Berwick, Pennsylvania. Surplus Outlet has built a reputation of providing a quality product at a friendly price throughout the community. Surplus Outlet currently orperates three retail stores and a warehouse; employing over 175 people.

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